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Specialists In Residential Solar Lighting and Fans

The most economical and efficient way to add natural light to any dark area of your home. Benefits include Energy Savings, Health Benefits, Added Value to your home.

Offering Skylight Dome Replacements – Acrylic or Glass

Tubular Skylights For Your Home Environment

Solar tube tubular skylight domes on roof

Top of the line Solar Attic Fans and Solar Garage Fans

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Our Work

Our Home Owners Say

“Having GoGreen come to my house was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My home feels so much better and more alive since I have put in my skylight. I cannot believe that I went this long without a skylight”


“Of all the projects in our ongoing remodeling projects this was the best. Josh installed our sixth solar tube and it was the easiest installment of all.”


“Josh and his staff did a great job installing 6 tubular skylights in our house, as well as 2 exhaust fans in our garage and attic. They were on time, neat / clean and very friendly.”


“The assignment was challenging, as we were about to have solar panels installed over much of the roof, limiting the available areas for the exterior apertures of the 3 solar tubes, which had long runs to the peak of the roof and required extensions to reach both ends. Careful planning was required before the solar installation, and again afterward to confirm the final placements.  Joshua the proprietor and Mike the installer are a good team and were very thorough in their analysis of the situation, resulting in a highly satisfactory improvement of the lighting of our home.  Cost was reasonable (I shopped extensively), and the workmanship was excellent.  It’s amazing to have sunlight pouring into what used to be the darkest parts of our house.”


Our Core Values

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